WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Golden Owls – Nano Capsules


Supplement your wellness routine with Owls Oils Delta 8 Nano capsules. Each capsule contains 60mgs of 100% hemp derived delta-8-tetrahydrocannabinol extract. Owls Oils’ novel Nano capsule delivery system makes the curative benefits of Delta 8 more accessible than ever.


Nano-encapsulation is the process in which bioactive lipid (oil) droplets are broken down into a much smaller size, increasing surface area of the compound and increasing its lipophilicity: how soluble the compound is in fat. Increasing lipophilicity allows for faster and more efficient absorption of the compound, and permits for more accurate dosing, by negating one of the major problems inherent in consumable cannabis products: “first pass metabolism.” First pass metabolism causes a drastic reduction in the efficacy of compounds, because the human liver destroys most, over ninety percent, of the usable cannabinoids in a consumable before the small intestine can make use of them. Nano-encapsulation has been Big Pharma’s solution for decades, and now we make that technology available to our customers!

These capsules are an excellent sugar free option for those who are diabetic or looking to reduce their sugar intake. These are also an excellent option for those who are unable to eat or keep food down. Evidence suggests, and the National Cancer Institute recognizes, that delta-8 is a powerful antiemetic, which can treat or prevent nausea. These capsules are great for dialing in the right dose, giving our customers a very clean effect. Try taking 10-20mg and letting it brighten up your day!

Each capsule is 10mg and they come 60 to a pack.

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