WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Golden Owls – Platinum Cartridge


Sour Diesel


Platinum Owls contain one of a kind terpene profiles originating directly from the Cannabis Sativa L plant. These small batch strains, once gone, will never be available in the exact same flavor. Those profiles are unique to the individual plant genetics and change often with each field and grow. These C02-extracted terpenes never encounter heat before you vape them, and the flavors are extremely well-preserved, until you finally take that first inhale. Each cartridge has the strainand batch number etched onto it, just like our other cartridge lines. We selected a custom mouthpiece just for the Platinum Owls that cannot be found anywhere else. This is your premier vaping experience!. Utilizing these cartridges, along with our low voltage batteries, will provide you with an cooling vape experience with unparalleled flavor and none of the burn associated with high temperature alternatives.

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Sour Diesel