WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

iDelta 8 – Delta 10 Preroll


Meteor Mangos (Sativa): Ever since our deadly Fruit Wars – much less delicious than it sounds – we have done all our farming hydroponically off-world, and the rich minerals of passing asteroids make for the most delectable tropical fruits. We have channeled this scrumptiousness into a lovely D10 sativa strain, conveniently packaged in large 1.25 gram pre-rolled joints for your enjoyment.
Pro tip: Mangoes are rich in myrcene, one of the major terpenes found in cannabis, and it is said that eating a mango before partaking in your other preferred myrcene source can result in a compounding synergistic effect. If you attempt this experiment, please report back with your findings.
Moon Cookies (Hybrid): On our planet, our younglings (regardless of reproductive organ configuration) are required to participate in Moon Scouts, where they aggressively sell Moon Cookies as a means of fundraising for various nefarious aims during each solar cycle. It so happens that these cookies have incredibly potent psychotropic effects and are highly addictive – after all, Moon Scouts are notoriously vicious, and they always get their money – so we’ve toned the effects way down for earthling sensibilities and kept some of the delicious flavor. This pleasant hybrid is quite suitable for a tagalong to an afternoon picnic, and at 1.25 grams per pre-roll you can easily share with a friend or three.
Purple Alien OG (Indica): Despite what its namesake might have you believe, with 1.25 grams of D10 flower in this pre-roll there’s plenty to go around. With a mere snap of your fingers (on a lighter) and a nice long puff, this will decimate your anxiety and reduce your stress to dust. Be advised, since this strain is a heavy indica it may turn your legs to jelly. We suggest you get comfortable for a few hours.


This cannabinoid is rapidly gaining popularity among earthling hemp enthusiasts due to its “super-sativa” effects – you can have one foot in the cosmos while maintaining your active, busy life. If you want a cerebral experience without being irrevocably chained to the furniture, D10 is for you. We are especially fond of it for our squash games (where we squash small insects with zucchini…quite entertaining).

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Meter Mango (Sativa), Moon Cookies (Hybrid), Purple Alien OG (Indica)