WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

iDelta 8 – Flower


Alien OG – Balanced Hybrid
Illuminati Kush – Indica
Sour Space Candy – Sativa


Alien OG – We were highly offended when we learned of a strain called “Alien OG” since we had nothing to do with its genetics or cultivation, and it caused quite the stir on our mothership. However, one of our historians – the great Yutringoqwambopzacji (human equivalent “Jed Milksteak”) – determined that we had, in fact, accidentally dropped a precursor to this strain into a random northern California backyard some time ago and proceeded to completely forget its existence. Our offense retracted, we investigated further and discovered that we had inadvertently spawned a splendidly balanced hybrid offering a pleasant mix of invigoration with tranquility. It has since become a favorite cannabis cultivar of earthlings and non-earthlings alike.

Illuminati Kush – We have found no evidence that human affairs are orchestrated by any one select group – your world is far too erratic and childish for that to be plausible – though the name of one such purported group (“Illuminati,” or “enlightened ones”) was deemed appropriate for a cannabis strain of mysterious origins. Just like the eye in the pyramid claimed to be their symbol, the Illuminati’s namesake indica cultivar provides a deep relaxation that begins at the top of the head and works its way down. You may in fact feel enlightened as a result, and we can assure you that NO ONE is watching you with nefarious intentions while you enjoy this product. **unless you happen to be [name redacted] from [location redacted], in which case we don’t know what to tell you.**

Sour Space Candy – We aboard the iDelta8 mothership do in fact eat buds of this strain as candy since they have a pleasant sweet-and-sour taste – quite a fitting moniker as far as we’re concerned, but human physiology works a bit differently so we would advise a more conservative approach to consumption. As this is a sativa-dominant hybrid, you can expect to be energized yet still slightly relaxed, rather than anxiously hypervigilant or lethargically cemented to the nearest piece of household furniture. And if you really want to chew on a bud like one of those lumpy abominations of citric acid and sugar commonly sold in your cineplexes for alarming amounts of currency…we suppose that’s okay too.

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Alien OG 3.5g (Hybrid), Illuminati Kush 3.5g (Indica), Sour Space Candy 3.5g (Sativa), Alien OG 7g (Hybrid), Illuminati Kush 7g (Indica), Sour Space Candy 7g (Sativa)