WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

L8DER – Vortex Delta 8 Cartridge


The most potent cartridge on the market, 93%! Newly Designed cartridge with enlarged chimney to reduce/stop clogging!

Northern Lights – Indica
Body and Head High – Floral Freshness

A soothing relaxing floral freshness of pure indica. This legendary strain is known for putting the lights out. This myrcene, caryphyllene, and humulene-dominated indica has heavy effects on the body and head. The real Aurora Borealis has got nothing on the dreamy outcome of this Afghani/Thai strain. If you’ve never felt the Northern Lights, L8DER has you covered.

Green Crack – Sativa
Fights Fatigue – Energizing

Dive into an energizing sativa strain designed to crack you out of your fatigue. Some fans of the strain refer to it as Green Kush, because it’s the good stuff. Myrcene is the boss of Green Crack’s terp team.

Blue Dream – Hybrid
Invigorated Calm – Blueberry and Haze

Kick back and chill on a dreamy day with the perfect all-day hybrid strain. Mixed with indica and sativa, this well known strain is the lil’ bouncing baby of blueberry and haze. Myrcene and linalool give it a berry-licious scent that will leave you feeling invigorated yet calm; like you just spent the perfect blue-sky day picking blueberries in Maine.

Gelato – Hybrid
Euphorically Relaxing – Fruity

Experience a smooth fruity explosion of Gelato, also known as Larry Bird. This creamy, fruity hybrid dreamsicle is both euphoric and relaxing. Caryphyllene and limonene are the predominant terpenes in this progeny of Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint GSC. Larry Legend approves.


L8DER Delta 8 Cartridges are smooth enough for mom, yet powerful enough for a champion. Get ready to float through your day! L8DER Delta 8 Cartridge offers a variety of strains and 1Gram of Delta 8. The strongest potency on the market, 93%! Take the challenge and try the best cartridges on the market. Newly design Cartridge has an enlarged chimney to reduce clogging! Enjoy the best of both worlds.

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Green Crack (Sativa), Blue Dream (Hybrid), North Lights (Indica), Gelato (Hyrbrid)