WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
Delta 8 L8der disposable
l8der delta 8 cartridge
L8der delta 8 disposable
Orange Creme 1 gram disposable l8der

NEW!!! Taste Delta-8 with amazing flavor and a high to back it up, seriously! Awesome Flavor without a strong earth tone or bitterness.

NEW!!! Taste Delta-8 with amazing flavor and a high to back it up, seriously! Awesome Flavor without a strong earth tone or bitterness. These promise excellent flavor with a strong high L8DER is known for. Introductory price $39 until 5/15!



THC-O, is synthesized specifically to be stronger and more powerful than certain other compounds, like Delta-9 or Delta-8.
HHC, gives you a feeling of happiness, increased energy, [and] low level of euphoria.

L8der Cartridge

L8DER Vortex D8 Cartridge

New Formula!
93% Potency - Strongest Delta 8
1 Gram
Enlarged cartridge - Reduce clogging
Very smooth and clean hit

L8der Cartridge
Idelta 8 Diamond Cartridge

Delta 8 Cartridge

Delta8 ONLY. This product is for advanced users only. There are no strings attached to hold you down from the power of pure, hemp-derived delta8 THC.

Idelta 8 Full Gram Cartridge
Casper THCO + THCP Disposable Device

2200mg Disposable

Casper 2200mg rechargeable THCO + THCP Disposable device. For experienced users only! This combination of THCO + THCP will have you high above the clouds!

Skol Uno Amped Disposable Vapes
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Amazing flavor without the earth tones and bitterness.

1 Gram Delta 8 flavored disposables. NEW! Try the new flavor packed disposables from L8der, receive the best delta-8 in Texas and your taste buds will rejoice with flavors you can actually taste! Taste the flavors and not the earth tones while getting the experience you want. Disposables are pre-charged, pre-filled, 1 gram, side windows, and are re-chargeable. It's like dinner and a movie in one device!

The Strongest Delta 8 Cartridge!

L8DER Delta 8 Vortex cartridges are the strongest to ever hit the market! No impurities or additives, only the purest and strongest Delta 8! Every Cartridge has its own test results attached to the box! Do not be fooled by others inferior Delta 8 Cartridges.

Uno 4K Disposable

Uno 4K disposable vapes are the newest release by the Uno brand. This brand has been primo for flavorful, high quality, long lasting devices. Now, they have made their biggest and most powerful device. A selection of new flavors mixed with the original favorites and 5% nicotine. Get yours, they are selling fast!

100ml of the best selling fruit flavors

Try the best fruit lineup to hit the market! Juice Head is a premium brand mixing unique fruits together to create a unique experience.